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Mobile Ecommerce Takes 60% Market Share Of Internet Access By 2017

Boston Consulting Group research shows mobile commerce in the U.S. jumping 60% from $72 billion in 2013 to $115 billion in 2014, and continuing to rise to $245 billion in 2017. Projected growth rates in developing markets are even more dramatic. Several factors fueling mobile Internet growth worldwide. Use has doubled from 18% in 2011 to 36% today, and by 2017, mobile access will exceed fixed-line access. At that point, mobile will account for nearly 60% of all spending on Internet access. Mobile bank accounts also continue to grow. In fact Boston Consulting Group estimates there are more mobile bank accounts in Kenya than in Kansas, but that should increase as more banks in the U.S. and other developing markets use mobile apps to change the consumer banking experience.



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