Rob Reilly, Gerry Graf, Eric Monnet Envision Life in 2050

As part of a campaign to promote the AICP Next Awards, which has an entry deadline of February 27, Rob Reilly, Gerry Graf and Eric Monet got together to imagine what the lives of some creatives would be like 35 years from now. The trio enlisted Grey CCO Tor Myhren, co:collective's Tiffany Rolfe, Droga5's Ted Royer and Reilly and Graf themselves.

Graf, who appears to be a janitor in the future, notes that David Lubars' kids thinks he's a loser, so he reminds them that he has a Ragu commercial in the Museum of Modern Art. Myhren pines for the days of eTrade success. Reilly is now naked in a wheelchair and talks about how he once worked with Alex Bogusky on an organic Rogaine piece of business. Rolfe talks about how she developed a new kind of advertising: witchcraft. And Royer, well -- Royer gets fat and eats candy.

The work is the typical sort of inside joke-y-ness you'd expect to find in an industry-related campaign. It's basically the only time creatives can do whatever the hell they want and have fun doing it. Check out all the videos here.



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