Agency Opens 'Idea Gallery' Because Apparently It Can't Come Up With Any Good Ideas the Usual Way

Sometimes agencies like to open art galleries to either display their own work or the work of others to inspire creativity within the agency. Sometime agencies like to build in an entertainment space for clients and events. Sometimes agencies will erect pop-up stores because, well, because it's the cool thing to do. And sometimes agencies will throw all of this together and call it The Supermarket. Say what?

Yeah -- integrated communications agency Exposure, which occupies floors 2-5 at 393 Broadway in Manhattan, is now opening the aforementioned Supermarket on the first floor. No, it's not a food store. 

According to the agency, The Supermarket is "designed to inspire and create a dialogue between the agency and its network. In all, it’s flexible and can accommodate a varied mix of ideas -- exhibitions, private dining, radio station, pop up stores, artist’s studio, product showcase, food/drink tastings, product placement suite, artist green room, etc. The Supermarket is a modern expression of a flexible work environment where the lines between work and play become blurred."

Why is it so hard these days for agencies to just, you know, do their f*cking job without all these ridiculous trappings of pointlessly hipsterific inanity?



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