Google Provides A Delete Button For Domains

Delete. Sometimes we just want to remove our digital footprint from the Web. Wish it was that easy? Google apparently has begun to give us an option to delete some information. This feature doesn't compare with the "right to be forgotten" ruling in Europe, but it seems like a start. Google shows us how to delete domains from the Google Apps for Work service.

Deletion on Google has been a mystery in the past, but the company published a series of how-to delete videos just in case a user wants to delete their Google accounts. The latest takes users through the process of deleting a Google App for Work domain, which helps to manage multiple domains. The platform allows companies to add multiple names to their Google account and manage them from one dashboard at no cost. They can share Google services as part of one organization.



The step-by-step instructions to delete domain names from their Google account begin with logging into the domain's console at and deleting all the users except the admin. Don't forget to export the data before deleting each domain, secondary domains and aliases. Then disable the OAuth key for the domain by clicking security in the admin console, followed by advanced settings, manage the OAuth domain key and uncheck the box.

This process will allow users to uninstall Marketplace apps. Click Marketplace apps in the dashboard, and individually click into each app to delete. Turning off the app isn't the same as deleting it. The next step takes users through canceling subscriptions by going through billions to see the subscriptions by canceling and then deletion.

Google explains that once a domain is removed, the owner cannot add any user or groups to the account, but can add the domain to another Google account and add its users and groups to the domain.

Users may need to wait as long as 24 hours before adding the removed domain or domain alias. The amount of time between deletion and addition is dependent on the size of the account from which the domain or domain alias was removed.

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