Apple's iPhone 6 Ad Campaign Gives Billboard, Print Space To Individuals

Apple launched a worldwide ad blitz this week it calls "Shot on iPhone 6," featuring favorite images and videos.

The company will turn over its billboard and print advertising space to iPhone 6 users, relying on them to create the campaign.

The Shot on iPhone 6 campaign, a collaboration between Media Arts Lab, and Apple's in-house design team, aims to celebrate creativity and inspire viewers. It highlights work from 77 individuals that will run in 24 countries, about 70 cities, as well as on Apple's Web site.

One of the featured artists, photographer Gabby K, will soon see her photographs on an Apple billboard that could run in one of many cities, such as Boston, London, or Paris. The ads also will run in China, Japan, South Korea, India, and other countries.



The Shot on iPhone 6 campaign rolled out Monday, with no estimated wrap-up scheduled. It was created as an expression of how iPhone has fundamentally transformed the relationship between individuals and photography, as well as to honor the mobile photography culture that iPhone helped to create.

All photos featured in the Shot on the iPhone 6 campaign are noncommissioned found images. They were edited with a combination of tools and apps found in the Apple Apps store, such as VSCO Cam and Afterlight.

Apple combed through tens of thousands of existing photos to discover 57 images that could resonate with the company's belief that its product is only as powerful as the person behind it. The results come from a diverse group of people spanning a range of backgrounds, nationalities, ages, professions, cultures and photography experience.

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