Ayuda Launches 4 Programmatic Marketplaces For DOOH

Ayuda Media Systems, an out-of-home (OOH) ad company that created a billboard management system for buying and selling outdoor ad inventory online, this week announced it has launched four private marketplaces for DOOH (digital out-of-home) media sellers.

In a statement, Andreas Soupilotis, founder and CEO of Ayuda, said the company is transitioning from a resource planning software firm to a supply-side platform (SSP) for the OOH ad industry.

Soupilotis said Ayuda has launched “four, distinct private marketplaces” for its sell-side clients to sell “packages of targeted impression inventory.” The four marketplaces include a “premium guaranteed” marketplace, a “deals” marketplace, a “performance-based” marketplace, and an “auction” marketplace.



"The premium guaranteed marketplace streamlines and automates the current direct sales process by pricing guaranteed inventory impressions with a fixed price, while the deals marketplace allows the seller to create deals, such as 'pay a discounted CPM for three times as many impressions,’” explained Soupilotis in an earlier statement. “The performance-based marketplace is based on Ayuda's patented Pay Per Look algorithms, where an indoor media seller can set up a rate card based on how long people look at the ad. The last marketplace, the auctions marketplace, allows the seller to set up a real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace that uses a seller-operated private ad exchange with soft and hard auction floor pricing control."

For the buy-side, Ayuda says it will offer seller-branded iPad and iPhone apps, where media-buyers can purchase ad inventory available on the private marketplaces.

Programmatic ad tech has been creeping into the DOOH world. Other companies, such as xAd and Verve Mobile, have used mobile location data to align mobile and DOOH ads. Nearly two years ago, WPP’s Xaxis launched a programmatic platform for DOOH inventory.

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