Mobile Internet Revenue: Commerce $516 Billion, Apps $74 Billon, Advertising $42 Billion

There’s money – big money – in mobile commerce.

While mobile internet revenue is growing rapidly across the board, commerce dominates, based on a new study.

Mobile internet growth is projected to pass $700 billion in sales within two years, with mobile commerce accounting for more than $500 billion of that, with the largest markets being the U.S., Europe and Asia.

For context, mobile ad spending is projected to reach $42 billion during that same timeframe, based on the new Mobile internet Investment Review by Digi-Capital.

Mobile commerce, comprising all sales via smartphones and tablets, is projected to grow from $133 billion in 2013 to $516 billion within two years.

Here’s the breakdown of mobile internet revenue projected for 2017 by Digi-Capital:

  • $516 billion – Mobile commerce
  • $74 billion – Consumer apps
  • $53 billion – Enterprise mobility
  • $42 billion – Mobile ad spending
  • $11 billon -- Wearables



The overall mobile internet revenue growth is more than three times the spending in 2013.

There’s also big growth in consumer apps, to more than $70 billion by 2017, with non-game apps doubling revenue share from 26% to 51%. That’s up from $21 billion in 2013.

There’s also a lot of money behind the scenes, with mobile internet investments passing $32 billion last year, according to Digi-Capital.

Some investors also have cashed out along the way, to the tune of $90 billion last year alone.

Google leads in app downloads, accounting for 20% of downloads compare to 17% for Apple devices.

It’s been common saying for some time that there’s money in mobile.

But there is serious money in mobile commerce.

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