Almost Half Of American Men Head To The Pub On St. Paddy's Day

Three in ten Americans plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year, with men slightly more likely than women to celebrate (33% vs. 30%), according to data from Horizon Media.

But when it comes to going out on the town, men dominate St. Patrick's Day. Almost half of adult men (45%) will head to a bar, versus just 16% of women. Thirty-nine percent will head to a restaurant, versus 20% of women; and 25% will party at a friend's house, versus only 10% of women.

By contrast, two in three women (65%) plan to celebrate at home. Parades bring up the rear of the St. Patrick’s Day revelry list, with just 18% of men and 10% of women planning to go.

Green or not green, beer is definitely king when it comes to what Americans want to drink during their celebrations. Almost one in three (32%) will raise a glass or bottle, beating out food specials (28%) and cocktail specials (11%). 



Not surprisingly, men are much more likely than women to celebrate with a beer (58% vs. 36%).

Alcoholic beverages top the list of brands Americans think should get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit (56%), followed by local businesses (48%), casual dining restaurants (42%), and mass retailers (33%). 

However, St. Patrick's Day is as much about good eats and a party atmosphere as anything. Americans are actually more than 1.5 times more likely to buy food for St. Patrick’s Day than to buy alcohol. Ultimately, revelers want bars and restaurants to get into the spirit with themed food (48%) and drinks (43%), a place to party with friends (35%), live music (35%), and a lively atmosphere to meet new people (27%).

“There’s obviously a long history of beer and spirits brands aligning with St. Patrick’s Day,” says Kirk Olson, VP of TrendSights at Horizon. “What this survey shows is that people who celebrate really do look forward to the full experience. Drink specials are expected. But truly bringing people together around food, music and camaraderie would align with the spirit of the day on a deeper level. For example, on-premise marketing that also facilitates meeting new people.”

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