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Marriott Adds Apple Pay for Room Payments

  • Go-Mash, Wednesday, March 18, 2015 9:18 AM

Marriott International can boast that it sold over $1.8 billion worth of room inventory through mobile in 2014. This represents a staggering 19% of total digital revenue, an increase from only 1% in 2009. Marriott have now announced that they are planning for a new and exciting, next phase of its digital strategy which shall include enabling customers to pay via mobile payments. They plan to launch this service this summer, beginning with Apply Pay. Availability initially will be across the USA, in a number of their chains. George Corbin, SVP digital at Marriott International, commented that they saw mobile payments as the ‘natural next step in Marriott’s digital evolution’ and that he was confident that consumer familiarity was such that Apple Pay would be straight forward and convenient for people. He went on to explain that the bigger overall picture is that the company is hoping to achieve a fully seamless experience for their customers by looking carefully at how they best utilise both online and offline channels in an holistic and integrated way.



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