No, Seriously! This Agency Really Is Different From Every Other Agency!

So an SEO firm puts out a press release about how it's going full-service and in an effort to differentiate, it reads: "One difference between Sticky Web's solutions and those available from other digital marketing agencies is the organization's willingness to work with clients to understand each step of the digital marketing process, each tactic and strategy necessary to boost their online presence -- even if they know little or nothing about digital marketing in the first place."

You know. Like no other agency on the planet could possibly do anything remotely close to that. 

Gushing about the agency's new direction, Sticky Web Founder Tony Tateossian said: "Each service we offer was carefully selected for its importance in building a company's brand, enhancing their reputation and increasing both visibility and market share. We believe in giving our clients everything necessary to grow their businesses, and we're there to help at every step of the way." one's ever said that before either.



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