Ritani Taps AOL For Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV proponents now have at least one case study they can point to when backing up the budding industry.

Ritani, a jewelry company, worked with AOL’s programmatic TV platform on a campaign last year. The campaign ran from May 2014 through Dec. 2014. Ritani claims revenue in those months was up 400% compared to the same period in 2013. The company also says it saw a 450% return on TV ad investment, and a 280% jump in year-over-year transactions.

It was Ritani’s first ever national TV marketing campaign, and the two companies say it was “continually optimized throughout the flight” using real-time analytics. Ritani plugged its first-party data in AOL’s platform, which matched it with TV avails.

Ritani says it relied on AOL’s “tRatio” algorithm, which measures the number of potential buyers per million impressions, to decide where to buy spots. “Adap.tv then purchased television programs with [the] highest proportion of buyers and lowest prices,” Ritani wrote in a summary of the campaign.

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