Ad Guy Lands Job By Sending Pillows To Agencies

We've seen a lot of ingenuity in the job search space over the past few years. We've had all manner of antics including one guy who bought Google ads that would appear when narcissistic creative directors searched for themselves. 

Another inventive creative, Martin Nørgaard Furze, launched what he called No Sleep, acknowledging that the job of creative director is a tough one with lots of stress and little sleep. Furze identified the creative directors at agencies where he'd like to work and sent the CDs a package which included No Sleep pills, a resume that looked like a doctor's prescription and a business card printed on a pillow.

Did the stunt work? According to Furze, indeed it did. He says out of 15 No Sleep mailings sent, he received 13 call backs and meetings, 7 job offers and one signed contract -- all within three weeks. I'd say that's definitely a successful job search! Congrats, Martin! Here's a video outlining his efforts.



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