72andSunny Wants To Make The World A Better Place

72andSunny is launching a Brand Citizenship practice to help brands make doing good a central part of their marketing.

This concept grew out of current socially-minded work on behalf of its clients, such as the truth campaign to end smoking, the Benetton Unhate campaign, and the Google Made With Code program to get girls involved in coding.

Now, Brand Citizenship will be embedded within each brand team to weave the practice into larger marketing programs. 

“People today want a different relationship with brands—they want to know that brands run deeper than the products they sell,” says John Boiler, CEO of 72andSunny. “Brand Citizenship can forge stronger connections to customers, and ultimately, real return on investment.”

The practice is led by nonprofit-veteran Jim Moriarty, who joins 72andSunny after 10 years as CEO of the Surfrider Foundation, the largest nonprofit devoted to coastal protection. Prior to his tenure in nonprofit, Moriarty was a tech executive and entrepreneur, including software giant SAP. 



“We believe brands can make the world a better place, but they shouldn’t do it to pay some sort of guilt tax,” Boiler says. “If it’s true to the brand and is held to the same standards that any other marketing activity is, brand citizenship can drive business success.”

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