Clypd Adds TiVo Data To Programmatic TV Platform

Clypd, a supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic TV advertising, on Monday announced that it has integrated data from TiVo’s research and analytics department into its platform. Clypd asserts that the data will allow its clients to more accurately understand their audiences’ behaviors “well beyond the industry standard demographics.”

TiVo’s data will also be used by clypd clients for audience-targeting and analytics, per a release.

TiVo Research Chief Research Officer Jonathan Steuer said in a statement that the partnership is an “example of how MVPDs, broadcasters and cable networks can maximize the value of their ad inventory by making it available for purchase in an environment optimized for transparent audience-based ad targeting.”

The announcement comes as programmatic TV is making a push to become more mainstream. ESPN, for example, is set to launch a TV DMP, while Nielsen’s recent acquisition of eXelate -- another DMP -- could have an impact on the addressable TV space.

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