SMG Launches Addressable TV Measurement Tool

Starcom MediaVest Group on Tuesday announced the launch of SMG Maps TV, an addressable TV measurement product that it says links addressable TV ad exposure to brand location visits. SMG launched the new measurement tool in partnership with PlaceIQ and Acxiom.

The addressable TV component adds to the SMG Maps platform that the Publicis Groupe agency launched last year. SMG Maps is a location analytics platform.

In short, SMG Maps TV pairs location-based data with TV viewing data to measure the impact that addressable TV ads have on physical visits. The measurement tool will launch “on a combination of addressable TV channels,” the companies assert in a release, but specific channels are not named.

SMG clients can now reach digital audiences via addressable TV (using data from Acxiom), and then follow those audiences once they have been exposed to the TV ads to close the loop (using location-based data from PlaceIQ).

SMG says the measurement happens in real-time, so marketers can adjust addressable TV spend on the go based on real-world visits.

As marketers become more “screen agnostic” -- wanting to reach the same audiences regardless of where that audiences is -- the industry at large is moving toward removing television measurement from its silo. This is seen in ESPN’s decision to launch a DMP, in Nielsen’s acquisition of eXelate, in Google’s Fiber TV trial runs and more.

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