NBCU In Apple's New TV Service: A Testy But Workable Marriage?

Apple’s new stand-alone TV service has lofty ambitions, big revenue projections, and a projected legion of crazily devoted consumers.

Is that enough? Apple has three of four broadcast TV networks nearing a deal for its stand-alone service -- but as yet, no NBC, apparently.

The problem between the two companies may be due to some failed business dealings Apple and Comcast went through in previous discussions about an earlier streaming video service.

Analysts say Apple could look to grab anywhere from 10 million to 15 million subscribers. These numbers are much larger than the current levels of Dish Network’s Sling TV, with over 100,000 subscribers currently, according to reports. Also, after a year in operation, WWE Network’s stand-alone cloud-based TV service now averages 918,000 subscribers.

Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley figures Apple could get up to $100 million in TV advertising revenue and $5.4 billion a year in subscription revenue, according to the Hollywood Reporter.



NBCU looks to eventually get into the fold with Apple, by all estimations. Apple is looking to target its launch for this fall, the start of the new 2015-2016 TV season.

To be sure, you can only imagine Comcast has had an eye on the same playground Apple now wants to play in -- as well as Dish Network’s Sling TV, CBS Access, HBO Now, Sony and, for sure, many more to come.

And it’s not as if Comcast didn’t see this coming. Comcast and other traditional pay TV providers have already offered up their own “skinny” pay TV packages around $20 or $30 a month -- many of which have had mixed success.

Trouble is, consumers -- especially younger millennial viewers -- want to get away from the traditional pay TV providers like Comcast, who have been jacking up monthly prices for TV packages well over the $100 per month mark.

In that regard, the well-regarded Apple, with high customer brand scores, looks to make headway.

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