Puerto Rican Ad Agency Offers 'Not A Single Day of Fun' Guy Free Trip to Puerto Rico

So there's this guy named Kevin Blanford. He was awarded a free trip to the Wyndam Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort and Spa in Puerto Rico. But he couldn't take his 7-month-old daughter on the trip because of a liability issue and his wife didn't want to leave baby daughter at home. So Kevin took his friend and former colleague, Alec, on the trip.

When Alec took a picture of Kevin at the airport just before they left, Kevin looked miserable. So the pair decided to make a photo series with pictures of Kevin "suffering" a miserable vacation without his wife and daughter. The photos have gone viral with over 2 million views.

Blanford's virality was discovered by a Puerto Rican tourism ad agency that wants to give Blanford the trip he wanted in the first place -- a vacation that includes his wife and daughter.

Of the photos, Blanford said, "It kind of happened organically. I was sitting there with my friend, he took a picture of me and I looked miserable. We started talking about it and we thought it would be funny to say that I didn’t have any fun at all because Bonnie couldn’t come with me."



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