Former Ad Exec Leaves Agency Childishness Behind to Teach Less Annoying Children to Swim

Life after the ad agency. Is there one? Most definitely. After all, when was the last time you saw someone over the age of 40 roaming the agency? Yeah. Like never. Luckily, many former ad execs find something else to do. And, almost always, it's far more rewarding.

For Sonali Morris, 44, who spent a couple decades working in New York ad agencies as copywriter, graphic designer, project manager and account executive, life is far more calm and filled with children. No, not the kind of "children" one encounters every time someone opens their mouth in a meeting. No. Actual children. As in those beautiful little innocent creatures who haven't yet been tarnished with life's challenges.

Morris left the agency world to become a swim instructor. Yes, that's right. She's c-owner of Goldfish Swim School in Ohio. And she's lovin' it. Of her new career, Morris says, "I'm still making pitches. Now I'm just selling the importance of water safety and building a community of young swimmers."



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