Naming Agency Asks Cannes, CLIO, Pencil to Add Naming Award

In an open letter printed in Monday's Advertising Age, the chief executive of branding agency CBX asked the Cannes Lions, CLIO and Pencil awards programs to begin honoring creative agencies for their work in naming -- or as they like to call it, "verbal identity." Because, after all, everyone wants in on the Cannes Lions and other award event boondoggles.

The letter read:

To the esteemed Governing Bodies and Judging Committees of the Cannes Lions, CLIO, and Pencil Awards:

Thank you. Your awards elevate an entire industry and celebrate the best and brightest in our field. They validate a job well done. But is it possible, perhaps, you may have forgotten something?

What about Naming?

On behalf of Branding & Naming agencies everywhere, we humbly submit that you may want to consider the singular importance of Verbal Identity. It is the most enduring aspect of any brand; without it, there would be no identity at all. No big idea. No creative campaigns. No trophies in the lobby. 

Might we recognize this critical component to the marketing mix with an award as well?

We could even create a clever name for it if you'd like.

Thanks so much,

Gregg S. Lipman
ceo/managing partner

Do we really need another award category? Granted brand and product naming are, indeed, important and worthy of consideration. But the naming element of any brand or product is already interwoven into other brand-related ad categories in most award events. That said, what award organization wouldn't love to charge more entry fees and what agency wouldn't want yet another possibility to win an award. So, much to the chagrin of award haters, this really is a win-win for all involved



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