Two Ad Execs Write A Fart Book

Awesome. Some real news! Two ad execs, art director Pierre Chan and art director George Lin, currently working at Cossette, are writing a book called Pfffffft: Illustrated Fart Literature for the Inner Child. And the pair have launched a Kickstarter to help fund the book's printing costs and online listing fees. 

The very Beavis and Butthead-ish book aims to share all those awkward work-related fart moments such as holding in a giant fart during an important meeting or being trapped in the elevator when some stranger lets one rip. 

So far, Pierre and George have raised $1,153 of their $5,171 Kickstarter goal. Is funding a fart book your cup of tea? Is funding a fart book ever a good idea? Is the topic of farts the one thing every human can relate to, thereby pulling the entire human race closer together? Can Hillary Clinton do better at that than a fart book? These are the burning questions of the day, people!



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