Google Adds mDialog OTT TV Inventory To DoubleClick AdX

Google this week announced that mDialog inventory has been connected to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. TV providers will now be able to programmatically sell TV inventory across OTT devices -- including Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TB -- across all screens, Google says. Fox News is named as a partner using the new technology.

Google acquired mDialog, a video ad and analytics firm, last summer. The plan all along was to integrate mDialog into DoubleClick.

Also on the programmatic TV front, Google has introduced forecasting tools for DoubleClick for Publisher clients, enabling them to forecast available Internet TV inventory. “Broadcasters now need to take into account the unpredictable nature of viewing habits on multiple screens, seasonality, spikes and fluctuations in traffic … different devices, ad loads, not to mention all of the new data that is available with digital,” says Google.

The announcements come just weeks after Google announced it is trial testing real-time ad-tracking capabilities for linear TV using DoubleClick technology.

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