More Adults Watch TV-Video Content

U.S. adults continue to spend more time watching all TV-video content.

This year, adults will spend on average  5 hours and 31 minutes per day (5:31), up six minutes from a year ago, according to eMarketer. Digital video increased by 13 minutes to 1:16, while traditional TV sank seven minutes to 4:15.

Digital video has increased fourfold from 2011 when time spent with video across digital devices -- including laptops, PCs, mobile devices, game consoles and OTT services --- was at 21 minutes. That year, traditional TV viewing comprised four hours and 35 minutes (4:35). Total TV/digital video time was 4:56.

The study says share of TV time spent per day, as a percent of all media, is 36.4% in 2015 with digital video comprising 10.9%; eMarketer says ad spending share of TV is at 40.2%; digital video, 4.4%.

Concerning the overall average time spent with U.S. media, the average adult will spend 12 hours and four minutes per day in 2015, up from 11:57 in 2014, and 11:11 in 2011.

The April study looked at adults 18 and older when it comes to time spent with TV and/or digital TV, regardless of multitasking duration of devices.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, April 16, 2015 at 10:28 a.m.

    As we point out in our annual, "Intermedia Dimensions 2015", a considerable about of the time that the "average person" devotes to the media on a daily basis is incidental, with people who are paying no attention at all and those engaged in other activities counted in the time spent tallys. We estimate that an average adult spends around six hours per day with the media on a fully attentive basis, not the much higher figure that one gleans from the audience studies.

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