Why Marketers Should Pay Attention To The Apple Watch

  • by , Op-Ed Contributor, April 28, 2015
When Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in January that the Apple Watch would begin shipping in April 2015, it seemed that everyone was waiting with bated breath.

Well, it's officially April, and so far, the Apple Watch has received mixed reviews. I would argue, however, that its critics have simply failed to realize how much of a game changer the brand's smartwatch really is.

With its ability to take calls, track health stats, conduct video calls, and make payments at any NFC-equipped terminal, this smartwatch does just about anything that a smartphone, wearable health device, or tablet can do. As quickly as those gadgets took over the world, they could eventually be replaced by the Apple Watch.

Apple has a successful history of leveraging information to make proactive recommendations. As the company did with the iTunes Genius feature, the Apple Watch will collect user data and continuously evolve to create improved user experiences and encourage new habits. Add Apple’s keen eye for design to the equation, and as a marketer, you’re looking at the best new way to interact with potential customers.

Marketing to Wearable Tech Users

Unlike smartphones, the Apple Watch is constantly attached to users’ bodies. This allows marketers to have unbridled access to customers. Given the Apple Watch’s breadth of offerings, many companies now have a great opportunity to provide timely and relevant messages to captive audiences.

Apple Pay also creates a more seamless connection between users and marketers. Customers will be able to check into hotels faster, order meals more quickly, and make reservations sooner than they ever could have dreamed.

With new technology comes a new approach to connecting with integrated mobile devices. Here are three marketing strategies that cater directly to Apple Watch users.

1.  Use Location-Based, Customized Messaging

The Apple Watch lets you reach on-the-go customers. You can connect with them when they have finished a walk or touched down on the runway. Look for opportunities to market to customers based on their most recent activities. For example, when a jogger completes his workout, offer him a deal on Gatorade, bananas, or even a towel.

2Provide Real-Time Notifications

Push notifications can be a mixed bag. For instance, if your app is set to tell a customer when he is near a particular store, you'd better cross your fingers that he looks at his phone when he passes by. With the Apple Watch, on the other hand, your notification is just a flick of the wrist away.

For example, let's say your customer wants to meet a certain speaker or thought leader at a conference. You can provide a notification letting him know where that speaker will be and when the attendee is nearby. To a certain extent, you can still do this with smartphones, but the NFC technology in the Apple Watch allows for better proximity- and timing-based messages.

3. Create Second-Screen Experiences

People already look at their phones a lot, but they will look at their Apple Watches even more. The process is significantly easier and more discreet than reaching into a pocket or purse and pulling out a device. As a result, you are likely to see increased results from real-time audience feedback during conferences or company meetings. Users can view deeper content straight from their watches without having to sign into their smartphones or tablets.

Apple continues to take technology to the next level, and marketing techniques need to follow suit. The Apple Watch makes real-time marketing more immediate than ever. Find ways to take advantage of this by tapping into the endless world of wearable technology.

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  1. Ashley Salter from Virool, April 28, 2015 at 3:12 p.m.

    The Apple Watch provides a new, exciting opportunity for marketers. This will provide a new level of real-time marketing. However, marketers should be sure not to over utilize this smaller screen. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you should compliment your story with a personal, user-controlled, interactive and rewarding advertising experience. 

  2. Kim Stuart from, April 30, 2015 at 5:46 p.m.

    Apple Watch is a FANTASTIC extension for marketers who are already using Apple's Passbook to message and communicate with their prospects and existing customers.  Passbook controls the display making it practically impossible for users to create something that's un-readable or un-usable.  
    Test a demo here -

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