McKinney Opens SoHo Office, Founder Chick McKinney Rolls Over In Grave

Update: Despite the fanfare surrounding seemingly posthumous commentary from Chick regarding this latest McKinney move, the agency has actually been in New York for some time. Who knew? But here's the thing. Why pull out an old quote from Chick about that fact he doesn't feel the need to be in New York when, well, the agency is already in New York and should have used the quote the first time they moved to New York? And, yes, I could have looked it up. My bad.

So Raleigh, North Carolina-based McKinney is opening an office in New York City's SoHo district at 15 Watts Street. Usually, an agency opening an office in New York is no big deal. However, one of the founding principles of McKinney as voiced by Founder Chick McKinney was that it really wasn't a place Chick wanted to be.

Of course, this line of thinking is no secret to current McKinney management, which gleefully announced the June 3 SoHo office opening with an ad featuring an image of Chick and a quote that reads: "I never really had a desire to live in New York City."

The ad also reads: "Please forgive us, Chick." Now if we could only talk to the dead, we'd be able to ascertain whether or not Chick is miffed over this move and whether or not he thinks the strategy behind announcing the new office is inventively cheeky.

At least the agency waited a respectful 8 years before making the move to New York.



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