Google Searches Bring Trending Data To Fashion Industry

Say good-bye to the skinny jeans, custom t-shirt, and corset dresses. They are on a seasonal decline expected to decreases in demand yearly. Midi skirts are back, trending up 131%. Not quite a maxi and not a mini, there skirts made a comeback from the 1960s. While lower in search volume compared with tulle skirts or jogger pants, the midi skirt, a trend from the United Kingdom, has seen 9-times growth in searches during the past three years, and remains in its early stages of growth in the U.S. market.

The debut of the Spring 2015 Fashion Trends U.S. report points to white, red, black, and pink as the top colors searched on in tandem with Tulle Skirts. The data identifies the type of items most searched on as well as where in the U.S. Tulle Skirts began as a top trend on the West Coast and continue to slowly make their way across the U.S. The skirts are growing in popularity just in time for spring fashion, up 34% from January 2014 to January 2015.



Similar to predictive analytics for other industries, search trend data continues to be a metric for clothing designers to gauge interest from consumers. Lisa Green, who heads Google’s fashion and luxury team, told The New York Times the company has begun working with Calvin Klein and other major retailers, helping to incorporate real-time Google search data into fashion planning and forecasting.

Another trend on the rise is Jogger pants in a variety of fabric, including leather. The most-searched terms strung together with "jogger pants" are men's, women's, brand names like Nike, Adidas, Jordan, and H&M, along with styles like Emoji. Leather follows, along with camouflage, denim, bandana, galaxy, and sequin. Top colors are khaki, black, and white. The trend began on the East Coast, but is quickly moving across the south U.S.

Fashion divas also could gain inspiration from the report. The trend analysis looks at everything from blouses to dresses and more. Boyfriend jeans at 89% are on the rise, with high-wasted jeans falling by 41%, and skinny jeans slowing to 6% growth.

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