NBC TV Revs Drop, Films And Theme Parks Rise

Taking out special sports programming, Comcast’s NBCUniversal witnessed a 5.5% rise in revenue -- coming from advertising and higher transmission fees.

NBC says this year’s Super Bowl pulled in $376 million, while first-quarter 2014 tallied $1.1 billion for the Sochi Olympics.

Overall revenue for NBCUniversal sank 4.0% to $6.6 billion. Excluding any sports programming gave NBC nearly an 8% rise to $6.2 billion.

Total NBC broadcast revenue was down 14.2% to $2.2 billion. Cable networks were also down 5.9% to $2.36 billion.

NBCUniversal’s film unit had a 7% increase in revenue to $1.4 billion due to higher content licensing and home entertainment revenue. Theme Parks perked up 34% to $651 million as a result of higher guest attendance and its Orlando’s “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” attraction.



Looking at Comcast’s cable business, the company lost 8,000 video subscribers, but gained 407,000 for high-speed Internet and 77,000 voice customers. Local cable advertising revenue slipped .0.7% to $504 million.

Comcast’s recent failed efforts to acquire Time Warner Cable amounted to $99 million in the first quarter of this year.

Company-wide revenues at Comcast were 2.6% higher to $17.9 billion; with net profit 10% higher to $2.1 billion -- better than analysts estimates. Midday trading of Comcast’s stock was up 1.4% to $59.27.

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