Ad Server Adzerk Expands To Programmatic With SSP Launch, Plugs Into Index Exchange

Adzerk, an ad serving platform, is expanding to support programmatic trading, the company has announced. Adzerk is rolling out Adzerk RTB, an open supply-side platform (SSP) for publishers.

Adzerk has also announced that its first ad exchange integration is with Index Exchange, formerly Casale Media.

Adzerk says its ad server will allow publishers to pit direct sold campaigns and RTB demand against one another. This allows publishers to fill inventory “with the most valuable ads from any source,” the company asserts. Index Exchange is also only its first ad exchange integration, and Adzerk hints in a release that future exchange integrations are on the horizon.

The new platform is for “publishers who need an ad server for managing campaigns but don’t want to be locked into a single exchange,” stated James Avery, Adzerk CEO. “[O]ur customers can integrate with any demand source, either through Adzerk’s partnerships our via our API.”

In addition to supporting RTB display trading, the new SSP is also compliant with OpenRTB 2.3 standards, the recently released programmatic native ad specifications issued by the IAB. The native ad demand will come from Bidtellect.

Adzerk’s SSP also supports Deal ID, which allows its clients to set up private marketplaces with specific buyers.

“We’re excited to be working with Adzerk, a pure play publisher ad server with a great roster of clients,” stated Andrew Casale, president and CEO of Index Exchange. Clients include Reddit and BitTorrent, the latter of which is named as a client using the new RTB platform.

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