Scripps Networks Revs Flat, Ratings Sink

Scripps Networks Interactive has succumbed to the general overall weakness in TV advertising marketplace.

After some strong periods, Scripps advertising revenue was essentially flat for its most recent three-month reporting period -- just up 0.1% -- to $429 million. Scripps is forecast to see slightly stronger improving ad revenue -- 1% to 1.5%.

Advertising revenue stability came amid declining ratings -- down 3% for all its channels on a revenue-weighted targeted rating basis, according to MoffettNathanson Research. Overall, prime-time 18-49 ratings for all Scripps networks sank 5%; up 2% for all its prime-time viewers.

The best Scripps network performer was HGTV, where its 18-49 prime-time viewers were 11% higher during the period. HGTV’s overall revenue was up 4% to $237 million.



Scripps’ Food Network was down 1% to $217 million in revenue and off 10% in prime time 18-49 ratings, while the Travel Channel slipped 5% to $76 million -- sinking 22% in prime time 18-49 ratings.

Scripps’ affiliate revenue grew 4% to $198 million for its fiscal first-quarter results. Overall revenue added on 2% to $658 million. Net income from continuing operations was down 4% to $166.1 million, due to acquisitions and restructuring.

Scripps Network Interactive’ stock was down 2% to $68.56 in midday trading.

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