Real-Time Audience Targeting, Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

Screenvision, a cinema advertising company, this week announced a partnership with mobile engagement platform Sito Mobile to launch a new real-time ad targeting initiative dubbed Project Lynx. Project Lynx is meant to allow Screenvision advertisers reach moviegoers outside of the cinema shortly after they have left the theater. 

Project Lynx uses Sito’s geofencing and beacon technology to create audiences based on where they were and what movies they watched. Those audiences can then be targeted with tailored ads on their mobile devices.

In short, the partnership allows advertisers to reach their audience on the big big screen (movie screen), and then again on the small screen (mobile device).

“This is a natural cross-screen extension for advertisers to maintain their engagement with cinema audiences after they have left the theater, with the cinema ad still fresh and top-of-mind,” assert Screenvision and Sito Mobile in a press release.

Sito Mobile’s geofencing and beacon technology allows Screenvision to pitch Project Lynx as an audience-targeting platform that goes “beyond age and gender” demographics. In addition to Sito’s tech-gathered data, Screenvision will also partner with an unnamed third-party market research and data insights firm to “provide the base layer of consumer data," which will be combined with Sito's data to create the audiences.

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