Ad Spend On NBC Lifestyle Cable Nets Returns High Value

NBCUniversal says advertisers witnessed major returns on their media investments in consumer product spending on some of of its cable networks.

On NBCUniversal “lifestyle” networks — Bravo, E!, and Oxygen — for every one dollar spent in media by marketers on these channels, retailers saw $15 return on their advertising spending. This data comes from Nielsen Buyer Insights.

NBC said its trio of lifestyle cable networks outperformed other competing cable network groups by as much as 90%.

Laura Molen, EVP of Lifestyle Advertising Sales at NBCUniversal, stated that these networks’ audiences are not only affluent and spend more, but are “highly influenced by advertising.”

NBC said the study linked first-quarter 2014 TV viewership of retail advertisements to actual spending at retail stores. Nielsen tracked prime-time TV ad campaigns in the retail category and then isolated the sales impact of TV advertising for each retailer. The study included female-targeted cable networks and comparably priced networks.



Many TV networks have been looking to amp up their advertising positioning by linking TV viewing data with consumer purchasing data for the upcoming upfront advertising market.

Recently, CBS said when it comes to watching their TV networks shows, consumer buying behavior was rated No. 1 among a broad array of advertising categories -- including all automotive categories, moviegoers, financial, restaurant, retail, and travel.

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