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Impulse Drives Mobile Commerce in Market

Consulting firm McKinsey has released a reportthat shows that impulse is driving participation in mobile commerce in South Korea. The report notes that the country’s mobile commerce market has doubled in value every year since 2010. Now, mobile accounts for nearly one-third of all online sales made in the country, making South Korea one of the most attractive mobile markets in the world. The report also notes that consumers are making mobile purchases based on impulse more than anything else. Impulse can be a powerful force among consumers. When shopping online, consumers often find products that pique their interest and feel the urge to purchase these products. In South Korea, many consumers act on this urge, which leads to impulse buying of products. Regret over such purposes is not uncommon, but consumers are typically happy with their impulse purchases. This impulse buying has become quite common in the mobile commerce sector, where the convenience of mobile shopping lends value to the impulses that consumers feel when shopping.



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