Adobe Rolls Out Audiocasts On Bloomberg Radio, iTunes, Sound Cloud, Spotify

Adobe will publish a series of audio white papers, similar to books on tape or podcasts, to help marketers stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies. The plan is to release several monthly, Alex Amado, senior director of creative and media at Adobe, tells Search Marketing Daily.

The audio files will become available for download or streaming from Bloomberg Radio; Apple iTunes; Sound Cloud, and Spotify. The deal with Spotify makes Adobe the first non-music brand to have a playlist on the site, Amado said. 

The 27-minute-long audiocasts will accompany a white paper. The first in the series, "Keep your app users engaged," highlights four strategies that marketers should take into account when designing a customer-centric mobile app strategy.

Krista Calvo, director of enterprise content marketing at Adobe, describes the content as focusing on ways to optimize mobile sites, similar to the way they have traditional desktops. Aside from mobile, Adobe will focus on customer experience, cross-channel marketing, and data-driven marketing. Their agenda has not been set, but it could also include information on content and search related to the four main topics.



Mobile data traffic grew 81% from 2013 to 2014, primarily in the form of multimedia content, according to Adobe's white paper.

The first audiocast, released Monday, features a segment on why mobile apps fail and how to avoid mishaps. One challenge involves the rapid changes in technology; siloed, inaccessible, and unadaptable tools and platforms; the proliferation of mobile channels; and lack of relevant data cause mobile apps to fail, and companies to lose out on valuable mobile interactions.

Similar to content, the app should always deliver information that consumers cannot get elsewhere. Prioritizing a positive user experience by delivering captivating content and putting engagement first will help to build a solid foundation on which to build the utility features that serve your business objectives, per the white paper.

As for the storyteller, Scott Brick becomes the voice of Adobe's white papers on audio service. He has read more than 250 digital audio books, the modern equivalent of books on tape in a variety of genres.

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