Mobile Video Brings Viewers Back To TV

Mobile video increasingly isn’t just about short-form videos.

A new global survey finds that nearly 40% of people questioned say they watch videos five minutes or longer on their phones daily or more frequently, per a new Interactive Advertising Bureau survey.

This includes longer programming -- movies and full-length television show episodes viewed on mobile devices. Chinese users in particular are the most inclined to watch films and TV shows on their mobile screens.

Other heavy long-form video mobile users come from Turkey, Finland, China, Russia and Singapore. But other countries' usage is rising versus a year ago: U.S. (50% gain), Canada (42%), New Zealand (42%), South Africa (42%), and the U.K. (40%).

Almost 30% of viewers across the countries surveyed said they often see ads on mobile video they have already seen on TV.



Mobile video is also a marketing tool in bringing viewers back to traditional TV with China (37%) and Singapore (35%) reporting the highest incidence of watching less TV due to streaming more on mobile.

And there is also continued multiscreen video usage: 22% regularly watch video simultaneously on their phone for many markets surveys. On the flip side, Japan has a low tendency for concurrent video usage on two screens.

Across 24 countries surveyed, some of the highest usage comes from specific platforms: YouTube (62%); social media platforms (33%); search results (20%); and advertising platforms (14%).

A 20-question survey occurred April 14 to May 11, 2015.

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