Mobile Email Revenue Up 12%; Smartphones Account For Half

According to the Yesmail Q1 2015 Email Marketing Compass benchmarks report, mobile clicks now account for 45% of all email clicks, a quarterly increase of 10%. The first-quarter findings demonstrate a permanent shift in consumer behavior in terms of both the level of activity and device preference.  If this mobile activity continues to increase, says the report, mobile devices could account for as much as a third of all revenue generated through email marketing by the end of 2015. Mobile click-to-open rate (CTO) continued its climb in Q1, while desktop CTO declined.

This quarter’s report also found that despite an 11% drop in email volume after the fourth-quarter holiday season, open, click and overall click-to-open (CTO) rates remain largely unchanged. However, quarter-over-quarter, mobile CTO increased 8.5%, while desktop CTO declined 8.6%.

Click To Open Rate; Desktop vs. Mobile


CTO Rate


Q4 2014

Q1 2015

% Change









Source: Yesmail Interactive, June 2015

With the increase in the proportion of mobile clicks came an increase in the proportion of mobile revenue, further demonstrating the shift in the email marketing landscape, says the report. In Q1 2015, mobile revenue increased 12% quarter-overquarter (QoQ) and accounted for 22% of email-driven revenue. If this trend continues, mobile revenue could make up as much as a third of overall email-generated revenue by the close of this year.

The study finds that mobile email revenue grew 12% from the fourth quarter of 2014 to the first quarter of 2015. Mobile emails now account for 22% of all email-driven revenue, with smartphones driving half that revenue (a 15% increase quarter-over-quarter).

Smartphone Revenue (% of All Mobile Revenue)


% of Mobile Revenue

QoQ Smartphone Increase

Q4 2014



Q4 2015



Source: Yesmail Interactive, June 2015

Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing, says “… the smartphone has forever shifted the consumer’s path to purchase… become the new norm for consumers… “

For more about Yesmail, and to download the Q1 2015 Email Marketing Compass report, please visit here.



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