Mobile SEO Signal Hand-Raisers At Live Nation, Wyndham Hotels

Mobile search isn't easy, and it will only become more difficult as time goes on. Near me searches, developing content and following best practices are highly sought after skills for search marketers who strive to rank company Web pages higher in search queries. So what signals garner the most attention from experts at Live Nation and Wyndham Hotel?

Content related to products and knowledge of HTML are two "basic" strategies at Live Nation and Ticketmaster, said Patricia Atrian, SEO director for the company. The SEO group focuses on speed and error checking when it comes to mobile. Making sure the site renders quickly. It's difficult when a company must support two to three sites, and all must render at the same speed, she said.

How Brands Remains Relevant

Faulty redirect page queries can leave the searcher with a negative memory of the brand.



Live Nation adds new event data daily to its database, as events are announce. In most cases the company keeps the URLs live for 90 days while tickets for the event remains for sales. Once it's complete, the company must redirect the event URLs to relevant content for the user to continue their live entertainment experience.

Atrain also said Live Nation has been running videos without audio on Facebook. Optimize the content in the video without audio, which sometimes can put too much weight on the video, a little different tactic for an events-driven company. She said that it's important not to forget the color in the video, which often drives home the message more than the audio.

Alternate tags and varying headers need consistency, said Richard Mastriani, director of SEO, Wyndham Hotel Group. He believes that Google will begin to use engagement more heavily and the way marketers use the markup language as a search query ranking signal.

Apps Get Personal

Wyndham recently rolled out a loyalty app that allows the hotel chain to retarget and serve more content to specific users in real time, Mastriani said.

App indexing and deep linking help to personalize queries and experiences. The more app installs Live Nation and Ticketmaster get, the more SEO director Atrian and team can understand what fans want. Atrian said the knowledge helps to more easily remarket and retarget ads, serve content and provide consumers with direct access to tickets.

"When you're at the game, you might be in line to buy soda and popcorn, but we know when you're in the park and can send a coupon or upgrade your seats," Atrian said. The journey begins when the person searches for the ticket in the app and then makes the purchase. They use the electronic ticket to walk through the gate, and digital services to experience the game.

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