Havas Chicago To Pimp Summer Interns For #GimmeAnIntern Tasks

Back in March Havas Chicago did something interesting to recruit interns for its 10-week summer internship session. The agency put out eight social media challenges using its #InternFightClub and used Tinder as part of the selection process. The agency saw some pretty impressive results; nearly 700 Instagram posts, a 12% increase in its Instagram following, 120 draftees, 100 people swiping right on the Tinder profile and 14 interns scoring a job.

For its summer internship program, Havas Chicago is "renting out" their summer interns for the agency's #GimmeAnIntern program. Businesses in the Chicago area are invited to request a task on social media using the #GimmeAnIntern hashtag or email the agency, and the agency will offer up one of its interns for an hour to complete the task.

The agency says it will entertain all requests -- whether it be serving as a free millennial focus group to test out a new product, helping wash “The Bean” at Millennium Park or making mozzarella at Eataly. However, not everyone who submits a task will be granted a Havas intern. Instead, a “Board of Approvers” from the agency will judge who is worthy with criteria including: the requester’s social clout, reach or celebrity status; how unique or interesting the task is; whether the request has a charitable aspect and can contribute to the greater good of the city; and whether it will be a good learning experience for the interns.

If a task is selected, the interns will go on the mission and Periscope their experience via the Havas account. They will also document their task through social posts that will be shared on their personal and the agency’s social accounts using the #GimmeAnIntern hashtag.

The agency will promote the program on Popular Pays, offering up hour-long intern assistance to Instagrammers in the City of Chicago with 50,000+ followers. In exchange for the help, they will post #GimmeAnIntern content to their Instagram accounts



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  1. Jonathan Hutter from Northern Light Health, June 18, 2015 at 11:43 a.m.

    Klout or clout?

  2. Geoff Simon from SSPR, June 18, 2015 at 1:12 p.m.

    Clout, possibly measured by a Klout score. ; )

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