Career Survey Finds Agency Account Executive A Top Job For Millennials

Job search site CareerCast just completed its CareerCast Best Jobs For Millennials Survey and found agency account executive to be one of the top spots for millennials. The study finds the average (median) salary for that position to be $115,750 -- which, if you ask me, seems really high. The same survey, however, pinpoints the starting salary for AE to be near $37,000.

Also looking good for Millennials is the position of social media manager -- which of course isn't really a surprise with the survey finding a more realistic, if a bit depressing, median salary of $46,169.

The latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures estimate that there are 4.5 million 16- to-19-year-olds, 13.6 million 20- to-24-year-olds and 31.2 million 25-to-34-year-olds currently employed. San Francisco-based author of  Millennials & Management: The Essential Guide to Making It Work at Work“ Lee Carter said, "A business without Millennials is a business without a future. Either you hire Millennials or you might as well shut down.”

But if you do end up hiring a bunch of Millennials, you might end up sticking them all in their own area of the office, away from GenXers and Baby Boomers much in the way Grey New York recently did.



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