This Map Will Help You Feel Less Stupid When Navigating Cannes Beaches

Of course, you've heard next week is the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Many of you are going. And while most of you are going specifically for the awards, there's a whole lot more to Cannes than sitting in an auditorium and pretending you are as important as a Hollywood star.

Yes, there are the parties, the yachts, the lunches, the rose -- and yes, the beach. Now, it's not actually all that difficult to figure out where the beaches are in Cannes because, well, it's really just one big long beach which extends from the Palais to the Gutter Bar. But, if you need some help finding a specific location on that long strip of sand, here's some help for you.

Italian ad agency Aylene Gardider has created a handy Cannes Beach Map which will help you meet up at the right spot, and possibly, make you feel less stupid when setting up a meeting as you won't have to ask, "Now where is that?"

You can check out the full map here



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