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Kleenex Launches Real-Time 'Care' Campaign

Tissues are an overlooked category. Everyone uses them, but they tend to be so omnipresent that they don't receive the massive attention or passion that other brands garner.

Now, parent company Kimberly-Clark is attempting to reframe the category for its Kleenex brand by delivering real-time care to consumers who need it as well as prove that the simple gesture of handing someone a Kleenex Facial Tissue can “change the course of someone’s day,” according to Eric Higgs, general manager, Kleenex Brand. 

The campaign's concept is based on research that finds that nearly 50% of Americans say they have missed an opportunity to show someone they care. Hence, Kleenex wanted to develop an initiative to provide multiple ways to enable people to demonstrate their generosity.  

Kimberly-Clark put together a team of agencies to develop this multifaceted campaign. VSA serves as the lead creative agency, leading and managing integrated efforts. VIMBY is responsible for the online video content production, Mindshare serves as the media agency, Geometry is the retail marketing partner, VML handles social media, and Ketchum oversees public relations.  



The campaign includes real-time content. visitors are invited to share messages of care via the digital Kleenex brand Careboard. Kleenex then will select messages for its interactive Careboard -- a physical 10x20' board -- that will spell out encouraging messages, using Kleenex as pixels. These Careboard moments will be filmed and used for online, long-form video content that will appear on the brand’s Web site throughout the year. 

To help encourage people to participate, Kleenex is teaming with "nationally-recognized influencers" who will share their care stories and serve as role models.  

In addition, Kimberly-Clark has partnered with Facebook’s Creative Shop Studio to enable the Kleenex brand to deliver feelgood stories to News Feeds at the most relevant moments in people’s lives, based on a variety of inputs such as demographics, stated interests and time of day. Three TV spots and the #ShareKleenexCare hashtag serve as additional support. 

“This is a first for the Kleenex brand -- we are excited to be working with Facebook and other partners utilizing unprecedented data and tools to help jolt people out of their traditional ways of thinking about facial tissue,” said Higgs.

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