People Behave Differently On Mother's Day Versus Father's Day

People behave differently on Mother's and Father's Day, according to Tremor Video. The premium video ad marketplace analyzed the differences between where people view ads on Mother's Day versus Father's Day and found that people pay more attention to mom on Mother’s Day, tending to get out of the house for the day (18% connect to content on mobile devices), in contrast to Father’s Day (10% connect on mobile).

By comparison, more online/desktop content is being consumed on Father’s Day (86%) compared to Mother’s Day (72%).

"Thinking like the consumers we are, it’s likely that more people go out to eat on Mother’s Day whereas many people choose to stay home and BBQ on Father’s Day since the weather tends to be nicer mid-June," says Ariane Gut, Head of Insights and Analytics, Tremor Video. "So they’re watching on the deck while burgers are grilling but not as much when they’re at a restaurant with Mom."



This content consumption is strongest mid-day. On Mother’s Day, Tremor saw an exceptionally high rate of ad calls from 1-4 p.m. on smartphones during brunch and lunch. On Father’s Day, on the other hand, Tremor saw a peak on smartphones around lunch - around 1 p.m.- indicating that people are still going to their phones during mealtime.

These adult children aren't entirely spending time with their parents with their faces in front of screens. Although people consume much more content online during Dad’s Day then they do on Mother’s Day (up 60%), Tremor still saw below-average desktop viewing during Dad's Day (23% below average Sunday). "The data tells us people are getting away from their desktop more on Mother’s Day, but are unwilling to stop accessing their content altogether," says Gut. "The data shows smartphone [usage] growing, particularly around brunch when people are probably sneaking a peak at content or pulling something up to show everyone around the table."

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