Multicultural TV Users Favor OTT Viewing

Multicultural viewers are more likely to spend a hefty percentage of their time with over-the-top (OTT) video.

Forty-five percent of black TV viewers, 46% of Asian TV viewers, and 51% of Hispanic TV viewers surveyed in a recent study from Horowitz Research spend more than 20% of their total TV viewing time watching OTT. This compares to 39% among white TV viewers who spend 20% of their total TV/video time with OTT.

Overall, Horowitz Research says 88% of urban TV content viewers have the ability to stream video content to a computer, mobile device, or directly to a TV set; 85% of urban TV viewers have a multichannel service.

Other results: 81% of Asians have mobile video capability -- versus 75% overall; 76% of Hispanics are more likely to have stream-to-TV capability, against 70% for everyone; and 73% of blacks TV viewers have stream-to-TV capability; 53% of blacks are also more likely to have a connected gaming console, versus 47% overall.

The study was conducted January and February 2015 among 1,994 heads of households 18 and older who are TV content viewers in urban markets with populations of 50,000 or more.



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