54% Mobile Bank While at Work, 17% When on a Date

While mobile wallets and payments continue to lag, the ability to do banking activity from smartphones anywhere at any time continues to attract consumers.

And a lot of this mobile banking activity is happening while at work, even during meetings (though I’m sure not at your company).  

A new survey by Braun Research for Chase, which has a horse in the mobile banking race, identified some interesting tidbits as to where mobile banking is going on.

More than half (54%) of consumers use their mobile banking app at work. One in 10 checked it during a client meeting.

The study comprised a telephone survey of 1,500 adults, a representative sample of the population.

Here’s where mobile banking is happening:

  • 54% -- At work
  • 39% -- At a restaurant
  • 38% -- Checkout line at a store
  • 37% -- During coffee or smoking breaks
  • 27% -- While commuting
  • 24% -- Waiting in line to pick up a child from school
  • 17% -- While on a date



Overall, 33% are using the mobile app and 35% more banking online more than a year ago, according to the survey.

The survey also showed a demographic split, with 67% of millennials using a mobile banking app compared to 33% of baby boomers.

Despite all that mobile banking, most consumers (70%) still use the good old ATM to check account balances and perform transactions.

And even though many banks offer the ability for consumers to make check deposits via a mobile phone photo, 65% still make deposits at the ATM.

While mobile banking may not yet be adopted by the masses, those who are doing it are doing it pretty much everywhere and all the time.

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