Twitter Offers New Mobile Ad Management Feature

Advertisers on Twitter can now manage their ad campaigns on mobile devices, the company announced Monday. With the click of a button, marketers can monitor engagements, impressions, spend, cost-per-engagement and engagement rate.

The new feature is primarily focused on mobile advertisers, which make up nearly 89% of Twitter’s total ad revenue or $345 million, according to its first-quarter results.

Unlike Facebook’s new mobile ad app, the new feature isn’t a stand-alone app; it doesn’t allow users to actually build a campaign from their mobile device.

Campaigns must be built using a desktop or laptop on the Web. Once started, advertisers can change bids, schedule campaigns and respond to notifications about the state of their campaigns from a mobile device.



Twitter has been trying to more effectively monetize its service for years.

The prominent placement of the icon could be a push to get more people to consider an ad campaign. However, without being able to create a campaign within the app itself, some industry insiders think the function will annoy, rather than convert, users. Several users have already expressed their discontent on the site.

The new chart icon only appears on the iPhone 6 and Android, right on the profile page. Those using iPhone 5 or earlier will have to navigate through the settings to find the new function.

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