Facebook Creative Strategist Gomersall Leaves to Launch New Ad-Tech Venture

Chris Gomersall, a former creative strategist at Facebook and Instagram, has launched a new ad tech venture, called Atomized, where he serves as CEO.

The startup is marketing a new cloud-based program designed to help advertisers and agencies manage their creative assets, for all channels, in one place, per the company.

The product is still being developed, but the idea is to provide a better approach to managing unified brand voice and consistent messaging across all marketing channels and improved tracking of the multiplying number of creative executions. That's key as marketers focus more on custom ads to make them more relevant to individual consumers.

With digital options growing rapidly and traditional media like print, TV and outdoor remaining important components of many plans, Gomersall says he recognized the need for a centralized, cloud-based creative management system that allows marketers to easily see everything in one place.



“People are spending more and more time on giant platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, but exciting new channels pop up all the time,” said Gomersall. “These new touch points are simultaneously exciting and intimidating for marketers, who are finding that you can automate media buys, but you can’t automate creativity. Each new ad format has its own language and use case, and as the audiences grow savvier, simply repurposing the same content across every channel won’t cut it.”

At Facebook, Gomersall said he realized that “brands need to create content that fits the use and context of each channel, while maintaining a consistent message and story with all of the other channels.”  Thus the reason for developing Atomized, he said.

Before joining Facebook three years ago, Gomersall spent nine years at Moxie Interactive, part of ZenithOptimedia. His last role there was SVP Creative.

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