MLB Players Partner With Nutraceutical Company

The Major League Baseball Players Association has entered into what it is calling a first-of-its-kind partnership with nutritional supplement company Klean Athlete. 

The partnership aims to clean up the image of the sport of baseball, enabling the MLBPA to close the chapter on doping scandals of the past and refocus its efforts on a more holistic approach, according to a spokesperson.

Featuring new training methods and promoting a comprehensive nutrition program designed to optimize players’ overall health and well-being, the premise is that a healthy player is also a more effective player, less prone to injury and more consistently at his best.

Klean Athlete is a line of 10 nutritional  supplements certified to be 100% free of all banned substances and features foundational products for everyday use, such as Klean Multivitamin, Klean Omega, Klean Probiotic and Klean-D to meet the unique needs of athletes to stay healthy throughout training.



The partnership achieves what the company set out to do by offering players nutritional support to promote overall health and wellness and help them perform at their optimal levels throughout the season, says Timothy Monk, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Klean Athlete.

The MLBPA’s partnership with Klean Athlete is an example of the organization’s interest in working with players to support a more holistic approach to nutrition and wellness, says MLBPA Chief of Business Affairs Tim Slavin.

“Baseball players endure one of the most grueling schedules in all of professional sports, and Klean Athlete is committed to providing players with products that are not only safe, but effective in helping athletes meet their nutritional needs,” Slavin says in a release.

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