Agency's Coffee Mugs Get Cheeky With Daily Agency Life

To celebrate the launch of its new in-agency cafe, Zucafe, Toronto-based Zulu Alpha Kile developed a line of coffee mugs imprinted with quirky statements about daily agency life. Each mug is designed like a measuring cup but rather than actual measurements, the cups are adorned with statements that align with typical agency functions like creative and account management.

For example, the creative cup, which reads, "A cup in the life of a creative," begins with "brainstorm with partner," proceeds with "ummm... er... what about... nah..." and ends with "make a new pot, it's going to be a while."

The account management cup begins with "Urgent client call" and progresses to "urgent client meeting... urgent client request... urgent client deadline... Google post-traumatic stress disorder,”... and ends with “Refill with decaf." 

There are cups for management, studio, planner and IT.
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