MillerCoors CMO Says Agency Partnerships Are Important, But Isn't Pleased With the Brand's Continuously Shifting Campaigns

So on the one hand, new MillersCoors CMO David Kroll says, "I am a big believer in building long-standing partnerships with agencies. You are seeing a lot of annual shifts right now by some of our key competitors, which I fundamentally believe is unhealthy to building meaningful brands."

On the other hand, he says, "I think we have been just a bit too scattered across our messaging over the past several years," adding: "In any given year we have shifted campaigns three, four, five times. And I think over time that really starts eroding the meaning of our brands. And you will see me very focused on bringing that consistency back."

So which is it? Is WPP's Cavalry safe? Or have they switched things up too much for Kroll's liking? Currently that's unclear, but Kroll is intent on returning the Coors Light side of things to its Rocky Mountain heritage. Recent advertising has reflected that but Kroll thinks more fine tuning is needed.

And dropping the epic quote, "I would expect a big move forward in 2016," WPP might want to do all it can to shore things up.



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