Ad Agency Turns to 99 Designs For Creation of Its Own Logo

Well, this sure doesn't instill a high degree of confidence in the design capabilities of this particular ad agency. LA-based The Cognitive Institute has placed a listing on 99 Designs seeking the development of a logo for the agency. The fact that the agency Web site consists entirely of a non-clickable image is quite telling.

Described as "a small advertising agency that creates and produces campaigns for startups and small growing business," The Cognitive Institute is looking for a logo that will convey knowledge, trust, calm, honesty, growth, harmony and success. They prefer a literal, classic and masculine-style look and feel. 

The notes section of the 99 Designs listing reads: "I'm looking for a friendly, welcoming logo. Something exactly the opposite of my current Web site. As you will see, the current design is not friendly or welcoming. I would like to create something clever, friendly, and welcoming. Thank you!"

On the upside, here's a chance for you designers out there to moonlight and make $449. And besides, this little agency knows it needs help and is just trying to make a go of it so lend a hand!




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  1. Carlos Pacheco from Truly Inc., July 21, 2015 at 2:17 p.m.

    One click and I could see that its a content agency not a design agency, the insecurity of this industry is completely transparent in this article. 

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