Cinema6/Moat Partner For A New Viewability Measure

As the ad tech industry looks for angles to tackle the viewability issue now comes, Cinema6, a relatively new video content distribution platform, will announce what it calls the online video ad industry’s first Audible and Visible on Complete (or AVOC)  transaction. It's guarantee to advertisers using its native video publishing and delivery platform.

Cinema6 is partnering with Moat, an independent measuring firm with good and impressive credits, most recently including Twitter, which is having Moat keep track of its mobile ads. With that assist Cinema6 can make the guarantee advertisers pay only for ads whose video and audio are viewed and heard from beginning to end.

“The announcement is more about a guarantee to advertisers that they don't pay for non-Audible and Visible On Complete impressions, more so than a guarantee that every impression meets this threshold,” said Jonah Goodhart, Moat’s CEO and co-founder. “This is the first sell-side platform that has agreed to guarantee and transact on Moat's AVOC signal at scale.”



Cinema6 pushes its MiniReels that allows brands and publishers create user-initiated custom videos that run with native advertising. They’re combined with text narrative that seems congruent with the publisher’s editorial style.

The viewability solutions are coming hot and heavy, since it’s become a big ugly issue. Seeing ads, or being able to prove they’re being seen, and coming up with a way to do it has now become a sales tool. Last week, Unruly Media also announced a viewability solution that would allow advertisers to avoid paying for ads unless at least 30 seconds of the ad was seen by the consumer.

“We work hard to create experiences that users want to engage with, and we are diligent at delivering experiences onto premium placements that are viewable and fraud free.” said Cinema6’s CEO, Jason Glickman, who was formerly CEO at Tremor Video. “We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is and only charge advertisers for video impressions that meet this high bar of viewability.”

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