Because People Can't Seem To Part With Their Phones At Bedtime Or Operate A Regular Alarm Clock, This Agency Created JustTheBell

Do you work in advertising? Are you tired all time? Do you wish you could get more sleep? Do you stare at your mobile phone before you go to bed? If you said yes to any of those and particularly the last one, TBWA's Dan Paris has a solution for you.

The agency has developed JustTheBell, a wooden box that aims to rid your bedroom of your mobile phone so you can get good night's sleep. JustThe Bell comes with an app that you can use to set an alarm. You then leave your phone outside your bedroom and JustTheBell takes over from there, functioning as a good old fashioned alarm clock.

The agency hopes to fund its little invention and has placed a listing on the French crowdfunding site, KissKissBankBank. Of course, you could just go to walmart and buy a $5 alarm clock and discipline yourself to ban your phone from your bedroom. Then again, that's asking a lot. Some of you may not even know what an actual alarm clock is or how to do anything in life without the assistance of some cool mobile app.

Anyway, check out JustTheBell in this video here.
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